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Moneta has a 25-year, blemish-free and successful record. Successfully assisting high-profile corporate clients like Carl Icahn, small, medium and large law firms and financial firms. 

Moneta itself has a clean background. We have never been involved in any lawsuits, judgments, or adverse news media. This cannot be said of many firms who appear otherwise.

Also, the value of our work is not merely our ability to obtain information, but our experience analyzing raw data, recognizing connections and discrepancies, and following leads to draw inferences and conclusions.

We are the business professionals in business investigations; understanding your deals, budget, the information you need, when you need it, and how it should be presented.

You see, we understand the risks involved in every decision you make, from hiring to investing, that could affect your reputation and capital.  Moneta gives you the answers you need and more to make the most informed and secure decisions

We Speak Your Language

Never Outsouced

Simply put, Moneta cares.  So we provide a hyper-personalized and super-responsive experience, physically and digitally. 

Moneta gives Clients secure, online access, with no set-up or maintenance fees, to their own Moneta Investigator's Notebook, Case Management List, Investigative and Background Check Reports, and other relevant data produced only by Moneta investigators in New York.

When you call Moneta, there's no time-consuming, irritating hassle of pressing '1' for this or '2' for that.

When you write or text, we respond within 15 minutes. When you log on, your information is up to date.

We have transformed engagement with Clients. 

Old School Meets New